Visions of Aquelae: The Redstone Band

Malaika's laconicism. A write up in brief.

A man in a white robe, his hair flowing in the breeze, riding a horse surrounded by bald men and women in the same robes. An invitation to the traveler – tempting. A camp of white robes. Is that a child they are trying to bathe? No – it is a dwarf! Save the dwarf, steal the horses, ride to the mine. Inside the mine: fight the guard. Defeat the guard. Fight two more guards and win another victory. Look for the girl. Fight a wolf monster. Fire beetles distract, Nina empties brazier, creature is destroyed. More white robed guards come to fight. One tries to escape with the girl. Travelers confront. Fight. Six down. The last tries to kill the girl. Now comes her Awakening. He is wrapped in ropes of flame and is no more. Exhaustion. Victory. Always they seem to go hand in hand.



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