Visions of Aquelae: The Redstone Band

The Giant's Riddle

In which our heroes find a town under seige by a two-headed giant with some curious behaviors


The Redstone Band spent the rest of the day and the entirety of the next in Redstone, resting and sorting the crates they had recovered. The Illuminator Abendessen burned all the unclean remains, and secured the remaining ashes in a sealed crate. The band then departed in the morning by the southern road, bound for the Tomb Steppes, a warded place to bury the dangerous and unnatural dead. On their second evening on the road, the band was attacked by three bandits. All of the bandits were subdued, and the band resumed its southward journey at a slower pace, to account for the wounded bandits.

On the afternoon of the fourth day out of Redstone, they arrived at Newkeep, just in time to witness the end of an attack by a two-headed giant. The giant had destroyed the bridge over Conv’ne Nent gorge, killed several townsfolk, and made off with some livestock. The band found that the giant had been harassing the town for a tenday or more, and the town leaders negotiated with the band to attempt to stop the giant. Some investigating led the band to realize that the giant was probably based out of Oldkeep (to the northwest), and that the giant snuck into town at night, leaving a riddle at the shrine to Ochoso, God of Valor.

_Two heads have we, but born with one. We served our people, unrejected. Our Master was ever victorious. The zeal for Voctory ecipsed our Duty Our fervor like the unsleeping One-eye And so by Victory are rejected. Thus this is out fate: One head, bisected._

The players examined the riddle left there, and half the party left to scout the giant’s base, the other half remained near town to prepare a trap for the giant. While part of the party was scouting, Constable Malwick and a mob of townfolk began toward Oldkeep, intent on slaying the giant once and for all; the trap-making band joined the mob. At Oldkeep, the scouting party encountered the two-headed giant, one head asleep (Muck) and the other mournful and quite intelligent (Restik). It claimed to once have been a man, a follower of Ochoso. During a battle with an malicious mage here in Oldkeep, he was turned into this two-headed giant, and has been stuck in this form ever since, slowly loosing control. The party delays the mob and works through the riddle with the giant. As the mob bursts into the ruined Oldkeep, the giant is transformed back into the man he was, and collapses. The mob is subdued, and returns to town with the man, and the party (eventually) follows.


The day started off peacefully enough. I finished my newest song and began working on a fife. Nina tormented Kyrnyn, Wil helped with rebuilding the bridge, Malaika read her new scrolls, and Greenbeard guarded our prisoners (just because they develop a few new interesting bruises he starts glaring at me). And then came the trial. Greenbeard is the one who insisted we bring these imbeciles in for justice. Personally, I think the best form of punishment would have been leaving them in the wilderness with the wounds they received from trying to slit our throats in the middle of the night. But no. We had to heal them and “bring them in for justice”. The trial was hardly any form of justice.

Someone had to have warned them. One of them (I will call him Lying Bastard) was prepared. He sat quietly and calmly, listened to every one of the accusations we brought against them, and then he started to spin the most ridiculous lies. He claimed that WE were the ones who attacked THEIR camp. And that WE were planning to sell them to the Mirnm as slaves. As if the Mirnm would take such moronic weaklings as slaves. Although they might have had the presence of mind to cut out their tongues to keep them from whining. If only Greenbeard would have let me do that. And what’s worse, the people of Newkeep were being convinced by his falsehoods. They decided to ungag the other two. After all we did to help them end their giant problem, they were ready to believe these imbeciles over us. Lewd Bastard decided that Lying Bastard had a good plan, and he started verifying everything that Lying had said. I never though I would say this, but thank O’Dell (or Corellon Larethian or Ochoso or whatever deity you choose to believe in) that Whiny Butt is as whiny as he is. The moment his gag came off, he declared the he was royal (distantly) and he demanded his horses and gear returned to him. He fully admitted to attacking us, but regardless he ordered his own release. And they let him go! Apparently just because someone happens to be loosely related to nobility, that means you don’t need to be held accountable for your own actions. Why wasn’t I born nobility I followed Whiny outside to ensure he only took the items which belonged to him. After watching him ride South, along the edge of Conv’ne Nent gorge, I went back into the temporary court room in time to hear the sentence. Let’s see them try to raid again without the use of their hands. Now that is my idea of just punishment.

And after all the tribulations the people of Newkeep put us through, they had the nerve to ask me to sing for them. Well I refused. I drunk an ale instead. And then I sang for them. I sure showed them. … (What can I say? I was excited about performing my new song, “The Heroes of Redstone”. Even if it meant singing it for these yokels.) The rest of the week passed in much the same way. I worked on my new fife, making quite a bit of progress. Nina tormented Kyrnyn and worked on training her pet lizard, Wil helped with the rebuilding of the bridge, Malaika read her new scrolls, and Greenbeard tracked the prisoner that got away (but not far enough to find another way of crossing the gorge). Finally, the bridge was finished and we continued on our journey South to the Tomb Steppes. Somehow Kyrnyn was invited to join us. What’s more, he accepted! I thought surely he would relish being rid of his own personal Nina shadow, but apparently he’s just a glutton for punishment. Whatever happens to him now is his own fault.



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