Lord Fritzfram

Ruler of Redstone, trade town at the base of the Redstone Mountains, on the Isle of Ibabene


AL: L(7)N(6)


Lord Fritzfram is the burly, bristly, hard-drinking ruler of Redstone. He is a fair ruler. Most of the trade season is spent making rulings over trade disputes, and most of the off season is spent drinking or at game with any still passing through. He keeps a wary ear on the chatter from folk visiting Redstone, and sometimes employs wanderers of townfolk to check a rumor or a hunch. He is held in high regard by the dwarves of the Rose Range, who appreciate his fairness, his respect for dwarven law, customs, and wishes, and his facial hair. When the town is threatened by raiders, Lord Fritzfram leads the defense of the town, and coordinates with the dwarves if necessary (as the dwarves have indicated that they would help defend the town).

The post of Lord is filled by common appointment (vote of the permanent townsfolk) of one of the wealthier or more affluent people of Redstone.

Lord Fritzfram

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