Tag: Ibavane


  • Baron Prisius

    Baron Prisius is the ruler of the Barony of Lochdon, a barony on the edge of the northern wilderness of Ibavane. He had hoped that the wealth of the Seastone mine (so named because it is mined for Opals, with occasional Deep Sapphires (Benitoite); the …

  • Roudalph S'Dhren

    This arrogant, pretentious, whiny man is the youngest son (of three) of the sister of wife of the Low King of Ibavane. He is nobility, and was spending his spare time at banditry, riding the highways and robbing people with a pair of companions. He was …

  • Inak Paustmos

    This merchant hired the Band with No Name in Lochdon to escort a caravan at least as far as the Tomb Steppes, and possibly (hopefully) beyond, to the freeport. He is a shrewd and intelligent merchant; one you need to keep an eye on when money's involved.

  • Ranunt "Raggut" Shoolaugh

    This experienced caravan master was retained from Summerhill to make the freeport run. The Band with No Name met up with him in Lochdon when they were hired to guard the caravan he was managing. A practical man who knows a thing or two about …