Aquelae: The World of Endless Isles

The young world of Aquelae is composed (as far as Human explorers have found) of a series of islands, some mere spits of land, others large enough that many of its inhabitants never see the seas around it. Among the isles are a great range of creatures, plants, as well as a bit of history and mystery tucked away among fronds and fields.

Some continents have networks of caverns and tunnels, some extending out under the sea and even linking to others on other islands. Some are artificial (dug by dwarves, as the ones under the Cathicor Strait), others are complex creations of dormant volcanoes and erosion. That being said, solid, stable, and accessible tunnels linking islands are rare.

Over the scattering of isles and gleaming endless sea, the sun, stars, and moons of Aquelae bear silent witness to the fall of tyrants and the triumphs of the heroic.

Aquelae has two moons. Fawrlleund, the greater moon, rises in the evening and sets before morning, always dim and full. Bacylloer, the small quick moon (about a quarter the size of Fawrlleund, and quite zippy), rises and sets in almost exactly two hours, and waxes and wanes on a ten-day cycle. It is often visible during the day, and occasionally aligns with the other moon and / or the sun, causing their light to dim.



Seasons of Aquelae



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