Below are crunchy, game-mechanic-y things involving this campaign. As new stuff becomes available, you will find it here.

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  • I often hand out bonus XP for world development, character development, and things that add to your character and the game. For variety, though, I will also hand out “DM’s Boons”.
    • “DM’s Boons” are basically allow you to intercede on behalf of your character. You can only have one at a time (no hording), and can choose to use it for any number of things: information, items, XP, a do-over on a critical roll, extraordinary luck on your character’s behalf, divine intervention, etc. Get creative. I reserve the right to reduce, alter, or modify your request, but I will not flat-out refuse a requested DM’s Boon.
  • When you level, roll a d% and tell me what your roll is. You are all heroes of the realms, cut from better cloth than most around you. Heroes often find that, as they strive, sometimes unexpected skill or favor comes there way.


  • Craft(Ritual Magic): This indicates that you have studied and / or practiced ritual magic, and are familiar with it to some degree. This skill is bolstered by study in other knowledge areas: +2 synergy bonus in general for 5 or more ranks in Knowledge(Arcana), and an additional +2 synergy bonus for relevant Knowledge for specific rituals (e.g. +2 from 5 or more ranks in Knowledge(Nature) for rituals affecting plants or the weather). Having this skill grants the following benefits
    • Ability to memorize a number of minor rituals: Craft check to learn the ritual in its entirety, and a Craft check to recall it.
    • Ability to perform incomplete rituals: Some rituals are incomplete, and familiarity with rituals can help fill in the blanks.
    • Ability to perform complicated rituals: Some rituals are very complicated, and familiarity and practice with rituals is integral to the ability to complete them.
    • Ability to manipulate existing rituals: Rituals have a variety of conditions that have to be met to use the powers or that end effects.
    • Ability to alter rituals as they are being performed: With greater practice with rituals, they can sometimes be expanded in scope, altered, and sometimes additional benefits can be gained by a difference in execution.



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