Dwarves are stocky humanoids with a lot of facial hair. Dwarves are gruff, short (in more ways then one, but making such a remark to a Dwarf is to run the near-certain risk of seeing the world from their height), and tend to prefer their solitude. They stand ~4 feet tall on average, weigh ~250 lb, and live ~500 years. They live almost exclusively under the earth, generally in mountain ranges, and are governed there by a strictly-followed set of laws. As such, dwarves tend to be racially Lawful Neutral

Dwarves can be found on many of Aquelae’s larger continents and even under some of its seas. Almost every land with mountains Humans have explored have Dwarves. That being said, they seem to be mostly in the temperate and sub-arctic lands, with the notable exception of Molynis, the Isle of Fire, which is a strange blend of deserts, jungle, hot springs, and bare lava plains that are occasionally erupted on by one of the three volcano’s there. Dwarves are found on Molynis, working earth and metal in the Thaim, the Smoking Mountain.

The dwarves as a race have no recollection of a homeland. Written dwarven tales span back far far further than human ones (and dwarven memories, as well), and no mention of one is given. Many of the ancient stories speak often of visiting and even dwelling on the surface, before something happened and the dwarves moved underground. A “home continent” is something that dwarves (and humans) speculate on for both species, but neither have an answer.


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