Mirnm are a race of large, intelligent cats. They stand over 8 feet tall fully reared on their hind legs, though they prefer to move about in a more natural fashion – with all four large paws on the ground. They are colored anywhere from pure black to pure white to mottled to brown. Mirnm are a semi-nomadic, carnivorous race with a tendency to dislike water. Nevertheless, there are Mirnm cities (which are more or less convenient gathering points), Mirnm fishermen, and Mirnm sailors (who do follow certain sea traditions). The culture is a strange blend between a relaxed, lase-faire attitude, and intense war-like conquering type. They tend to fight in a swift, chaotic, pouncing style, or in coordinated, chaotic groups, and show great disdain for using any manufactured weapons – the only exception is the Sajiesterr, and their own claws. They claim the former is only for battling the Lekessh (described as foul-breathed lizard-like creatures), their sworn enemy. The mere mention of the name will cause most Mirnm to bristle. Armor is uncommon, and light and supple when it is worn. They are motivated by comfort and conquest. There is not much ritual magic practice among them, and few wizards, psions, or incarnum. They do have a strong elementalist tendency, and rumor is that every one of these great cats can will a fire into existence. They are utterly atheist, and find worship or the idea of a God or higher power to be strange, even in the face of clerical powers. They tend to view clerics as versions of their shamen, bringers of balance and destruction from the strength offered and given by the energies of the land. To the Mirnm, “fate” and “luck” (good or bad) mean “a thing out of your direct control”.

They prefer to live in warm to hot dry climates. The race as a whole is on average chaotic neutral, and it is very rare that there is a Mirnm that tends toward either Good or Evil, and rarer still that one is Lawful. Mirnm tend to live ~ 70 years, with adulthood being achieved at ~ 14. They boast a range of craftsmen and skills, with their craftsmen tending toward great passion and focus – a Mirnm sculptor might sequester themselves for weeks and carve themselves into exhaustion and near-death. On the balance, however, that same artist may be idly batting around a desert hare two days later, and a week later be a sworn seaman for life; at least until the next port of call. Mirnm speak their own language, but can learn to speak Human passably (with a tendency to stretch the beginnings and ends of sentences, and any pauses, and to add strange pauses).

The Mirnm have long kept humanoid slaves (mostly goblins and a few orcs), and Humans were a logical continuance of this tradition during the Sandisle War. Mirnm also have each other as indentured servants (~ slaves), and slaves and indentured are marked by collars around their necks. There currently exist an unknown number of Humans among the Mirnm, and it is unknown how many of them are there as a result of capture during the war. This question is complicated by traders (unscrupulous and honest) who sell desperate men, criminals, and debtors, as indentured servants or slaves to Mirnm.

The Mirnm are periodically at war with the the Lekessh, who appear in their lands every five to twenty years or so, and make war on them until the Mirnm begin to gain the upper hand, suddenly withdrawing again. The last invasion by the Lekessh was almost 60 years ago; the reason for the lull is probably due to the fact that during the last invasion, the Mirnm managed to bring the Humans into the war as well. The combined armies quickly routed the Lekessh, and drove them back to a single island, dubbed Hek’ssesh.

D&D race block:
  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom: Mirnm are nimble, but often do foolish or reckless things
  • Medium-sized
  • Mirnm base land speed is 40 feet when on all fours, or 20 feet when standing on hind legs
  • Low-light vision: Mirnm see well in dim light. Mirnm can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Racial weapon familiarity: All Mirnm are familiar and proficient with the Sajiesterr
  • Racial skill bonus++: A Mirnm gains a racial +4 bonus to jump checks, and it ignores limits imposed by height
  • Racial skill bonus++: A Mirnm gains a racial +2 bonus to balance and climb checks
  • Racial skill bonus++: A Mirnm gains a racial +2 bonus to move silently
  • Racial skill bonus: A Mirnm gains a racial +2 bonus to spot and listen checks
  • Fire affinity: Mirnm gain a +1 racial bonus to any fire or heat-related checks or saves
  • Fire proficiency: Mirnm gain a +1 racial bonus to attacks or checks involving manipulating fire. Any fire damage they are responsible for does an extra +1 damage per dice.
  • Touched by fire: A Mirnm with a Charisma of 10 or greater may, as an at-will ability, create a small flame. It has a range of 5 feet, and deals 1 fire damage.
  • Feeding the Flames: A Mirnm with levels in a class that grants spells or similar abilities (e.g. Sorcerer, Psion, Wizard, Druid, Shaman, Warlock, Incarnate) may also create, at will, a ray of flame. Treat as a Ray of Frost, but is fire and does fire damage (caster level is number of levels of casting classes). Use of this ability allows no spell resistance or save.
  • Claws: A Mirnm has retractable claws on each paw, and may make attacks with as many claws as can be brought to bear (generally two), with standard penalties for multiple attacks. Such attacks are considered armed attacks, and deal a base of 1d3 damage (slashing). A Mirnm that has class levels in a class that is combat-oriented (e.g. fighter, ranger, paladin, rogue, psionic warrior, soulborn, samauri) may deal a base damage of 1d6 (slashing) instead. Retracting the claws causes the attack to be treated as a regular unarmed attack
  • Pounce++: A Mirnm may make a full attack as part of a charge.
  • Rake++: A Mirnm that has class levels in a class that is combat-oriented (as above) has had training for the rake ability. If the Mirnm hits with both claws in an attack (or a Sajiesterr ensnaring attack), the Mirnm may make an additional attack at its highest attack bonus. If it succeeds, it uses both rear claws to rake the opponent, dealing 2d6 + double strength damage (slashing). This ability cannot be used if the Mirnm cannot use its rear claws.
  • Languages: Mirnm, Common
  • Level adjustment: +1

Abilites marked with a ++ are lost if the Mirnm is wearing armor heavier than light armor, or if carrying heavier than a light load


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