Norovis, the Isle of the Mystics

Norovis is a smallish island that has within its shores more tomes, scrolls, and writings than any other place known in Aquelae. The libraries of material are divided among the enclaves of mysticism – those who study elementalism, psionics, ritual magic, summoning, shamanism, wizardry, and other mystical pursuits. It was from a Armorsmith who studied there during the War that the first Runearmor was forged, beginning the binding of (elemental) runes with crafted items to create wondrous devices of power and of great use. Rumors and wild speculation run rampart as to Norovis – its defenses, its secrets, the rites performed there, the cost to gain entrance. Those who have earned the privilege to study there have the Mark of Norovis somewhere on them. Now that the War is concluded, Human, Mirnm, Dwarf, Elf, Aerie-echer, and Halflings are all welcome to apply there, though the population remains strongly Human.

The entire island is divided into enclaves, which specialize in a particular type of mysticism. Norovis itself is ruled by the Enclavum, a council of two members from each enclave, which determine all general Norovis policies and regulate resources. Each enclave has only one Free Port where outsiders may dock. Sale of items and services are regulated, their price fixed and their quality guaranteed: all items sold or providers of mystical services must bear the Mark of Norovis, on pain of punishments best not dwelt on. Any who bear the Mark of Norovis who abandon their ties, part with secrets without approval, or violate the codes of Norovis are hunted down, and any who witness the secret as well. While the services and items available from Norovis were expensive, so too is their chosen professions. Thus, many enclaves hire many mystics out (oftentimes journeymen in their craft). It is considered a mark of esteem to have a Norovis apprentice, journeyman, or master in one’s employ.

The isle has been populated with humans almost as long as Canthicor has, and has existed as a convergence of mystical power for about 300 years

The Synod of Power - Psions - PsiWarriors - Has a monastic order

The Most Exalted Order of Magi - Ritual Mages (including summoners) - Wizards - Sorcerers - Has an army branch (Battle Wizards)

The Brethern of Balance - Elementalists - Shamen - Druids - Has a monastic order


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