Order of the Copper Flame

The Order of the Copper Flame

Also The Church of the Copper Flame. The name varies based on region; in regions where they have a strong sway they are the Church, with followers and great power. The Order of the Copper Flame advocates human purity (throwing out / shunning other races) and purity of spirit. They view mystical powers as an affront to purity, tantamount to consorting with demons or mixing bloodlines with other, “lesser” species. The only magic acceptable to them are magics from church rituals. They persecute non-humans and anyone/thing that can cast or manifest power, driving them out of cities (or imposing heavy taxes / fines / restrictions), killing them when able to do so without retribution (aka if it’s illegal to and they would get caught). The Order attempts to extend its influence into “impure” areas, recruiting, converting, and killing as necessary to spread its dogma. Once it becomes powerful enough, it sets up a Church and recruits with zeal. Most Copper Flame clergy wear white girded with a green sash and copper belt, and carry the symbol of their Church – a green flame in a brazier.

The Cursed Ones Burned in the Fire

The Cursed Ones Burned in the Fire is a magic-using group that works for the church to kill other magic users. The Burned, as they are usually referred to are magic users who have been enslaved (willingly or not) by the Order, and serve under the command of their handler. The Burned are quite recognizable by their horribly burned visages, which are scorched in a purifying copper fire as part of the enslavement ritual. Their handlers are less so, and dress no differently than any of the Order clergy.

Order of the Copper Flame

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