Sandisle War

The Sandisle War (so named because it began on the newly-discovered island called the Sandisle by humans) was touched off by misunderstanding between the Mirnm and the Humans – the Humans thought the Mirnm would be a grand trophy, and the Mirnm though they were Mreks [their word for Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres]. The fighting was fairly vicious, with battles occurring as often at sea as on land. However, several of the Kings and Leaders managed to hammer out an accord of peace, though it would be a decade until trade began between the races.

Since the end of the war between them, trade has rebuilt bridges between the Mirnm and Humans – rebuilt and tested them. Some port cities refuse to allow Mirnm to dock or deboat because of the Mirnm slave trade – a practice which has lead to the establishment of “Free Ports” near Mirnm-free ports.

Elves stayed out of the war, only making formal contact with the Mirnm about twelve years ago or so. Dwarves only became involved in specific instances (the Redstone Pact, for example).

The conclusion of the Sandisle War, most say, is the beginning of the Order of the Copper Flame, while the start of the war is what caused Norovis, the Isle of Mystics to gain the power it wields.

Sandisle War

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